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Snowmen ShrineSeen above is a picture of my shame…   It’s the third week of March and my snowmen are still up! I meant to take them down by Valentine’s Day!


It’s my third year of being back out there in the working world, and I still can’t figure it out! I used to work from home with stay-at-home-mom activities and responsibilities, homeschooling, church work, and other things that kept my days pretty full of craziness.

Now that I’m working a paid job, nothing else has really slowed down… There are still dishes & laundry & bathrooms to clean, along with a million other chores… The kids still have sports activities on nights and weekends… There are still church events & activities & services & small groups to teach… You get the picture!

How in the world DO YOU DO IT? How do you keep your house clean? How do you keep your sanity when running in different directions all the time? How do you get a little space in your life for alone time? How do you relax? How do you get up in the morning and start all over again?

For me, I haven’t figured it out yet! My house seems like it is always messy, my snowmen are still up in March, I have like 15 loads of laundry piling up and can never seem to put a dent in it! I dread Mondays (which never happened before) because I have to get into the office and my weekend is gone.

I used to be so organized… I used to have a little time to myself occasionally… I used to be baking & helping my kids create amazing school projects… I used to have extensive chore lists for the kids printed nicely from the computer with stickers and everything… I used to grocery shop every week…

Now I’m, well, let’s just say… None of those things! Except maybe helping with the school projects, we always make time for that, right?!

OH DEAR, I gotta go bring my son to work now… Did I mention I’m teaching him how to drive?  YIKES!


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