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I know this is Wedding2 (7) 2a little late… but, because a lot of people were asking about the letter my hubby read in his sermon on Sunday, here it is:

Sometimes I think the devil is laughing at us. Sin has taken God’s most beautiful form of creation and turned it into something dirty, shameful, and occasionally even hateful or hurtful.

When God created man, he saw how lonely he was, so he created this beautiful woman to be with him. They became one, in every way. It’s called Yihud – the Knowing. This beautiful, intense, loving, amazing, practically indescribable experience has been so tainted by depravity that we forget Who created this and why: For two people, God literally created for each other, to come together as one on an other-worldly level, like the first man and woman, Adam and Eve, before sin entered their lives.

It’s not to be shared with more than one, it’s not to be taken lightly, it’s not to be abused, used as manipulation, or expended as a power-play. It is the loving, giving and receiving of a precious gift.

Somehow instead we have let it control us, dishonor us, guide us onto dark paths, or shackle us into chains of imprisonment – all with willing smiles and misguided minds. Our search for love, selfish pleasure, and artificial happiness has distorted one of God’s most AMAZING and truest treasures.

Maybe it’s time to take back what God intended for us… To shut out the mocking, inappropriate voices in our head and remember that sex is good, beautiful, loving, and wonderful… To remember that all the warnings from heaven were to protect us so we could truly experience the greatest of all blessings.

No matter what our PAST held, the PRESENT holds only the PUREST of white, whiter than the fresh fallen snow, because we are wholly made righteous the moment we turn to Christ. As a woman and as a wife I will remember this and will be able to ENJOY God’s most heavenly gift without being tainted by the world’s point of view, but instead can go to my husband as Eve went to Adam, without shame, feeling beautiful and completely able to truly “know” each other.Wedding2 (10)

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