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Hannah did not go. She said to her husband, “After the boy is weaned, I will take him and present him before the LORD, and he will live there always.”  —  1 Samuel 1:22


The story is beautiful… a woman prays to be able to have a son.  In Hebrew culture, that was the most significant goal a girl had in life, to be able to have children, to possibly be able to fulfill a prophesy handed down since the days of Adam and Eve.  More important than that was the innate desire that she had to be a mother, to have a child to love and hold in her arms that was a part of her.


In this prayer Hannah declares a shocking vow, “O LORD Almighty, if you will only look upon your servant’s misery and remember me, and not forget your servant but give her a son, then I will give him to the LORD for all the days of his life, and no razor will ever be used on his head.”  1 Samuel 1:11


Her prayers are answered and she has a beautiful, healthy baby boy!  This is a wonderful thing!  The most incredible thing to me is that Hannah is willing to give up this child she had longed for ever since she married Elkanah.  As the scripture above stated, she waited until Samuel was weaned and then took him to the temple to live with Eli the priest and his sons.  In those days, usually weaning a child happened right around two or three years of age.


How was she able to do this?  I can’t even imagine!  I try to picture in my mind saying goodbye to my little 3-year-old son, knowing that I would no longer be hugging him throughout the day, kissing him goodnight, wiping away his tears, tickling his sides to hear him giggle, or whispering “I love you” in his ears.  My heart aches just to think of it!  I would probably cry myself to sleep at night!


Yet Hannah was content that she was given those precious few years with him.  To her, he was a miracle that she was thankful for and she kept her word to give him back to the Lord.  She was so overjoyed that she praised the Lord with a long and emotional prayer the day she gave him up.  (1 Samuel 2:1-10)   How AMAZING is this?!


What about Samuel?  How did this tiny tot do without his mommy those first few days?  I believe God must have blessed him with such an abundant sense of peace and love that he too was content.  It had to be!  The entire world of a small child is wrapped up in their parents, especially the mother.  Samuel grew up to be one of the most amazing prophets in the Bible, so I know that God miraculously kept him from distress at this tender age!  GOD was his father and mother all rolled up into one.


I say all of this, because her “sacrifice” speaks to me today.  As a parent I tend to hang on to my children extremely tight.  I so badly want the best for them, that it can be overwhelming (to me and to them)!  I am always trying, though.  I want them to be healthy and learn how to make their own decisions and think on their own, but it is SO HARD to see them make mistakes that will hurt them.  The older they get, the more I have to let go… yet I am always there guiding them and teaching them.  Hannah gave all of this up.  She had to totally trust in the Lord to take care of her son.


I need to trust in the Lord also.  No one can care for my kids like HE can, so I need to stop worrying and stressing out about every little thing.  I need to find comfort, as Hannah did, in leaving my kids in the hands of God.


What does this look like?  Not obsessing over everything, allowing for mistakes, laughing and talking more instead of getting angry and frustrated, flowing with each new stage of their lives and seeking God for wisdom in how to best raise them, and many other such things!  Most of all, I need to ENJOY THEM while they are still under my care, and APPRECIATE the three amazing miracles that were placed in my life to love.


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