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Roses Among So Many Thorns


The thorns are the cares of life that threaten to hurt or bring them down. The roses are those precious people that have overcome these thorns and have found the joy in the small things. These are people I encounter every day…

Like Eileen, who lives alone and celebrates every holiday alone, because her only son hasn’t spoken a word to her in over two years…

And Pat, with tears running down her face tells me she is fighting for her grandson, who is being sexually abused by his mom… this is her daughter… whom she raised and nursed every boo boo and wiped away tears and runny noses… and who now laughs at her mother in contempt and dares her to prove it.

There’s Olive, who told me she lost her son 10 years ago just before Christmas. He was hanging lights up on the roof and fell and died from internal injuries.

And Grace, who sadly told me as her eyes watered that she lost her husband just a month ago. He was the love of her life and although a man of few words spoke loudly with his example to everyone he knew.

There are happy moments too…

Like with Ann, who danced in her kitchen when she saw a clip of DWTS on a talk show while her daughter looked on smiling, with love shining through her eyes.

And Shirley, who made me try her mincemeat pie and gave me advice about what to get my grandparents for Christmas. “A Kindle!” she said. (Too bad she doesn’t know how expensive they are.) She also remembered from our first visit that I liked her diet soda.

And Bill, a 90 year old who had mischief in his eyes, an easy smile, and squeezed my hand so tight when he shook it as if to show me he was still strong. He also talked about how cute his healthcare worker was. “I sure know how to pick ‘em!” he exclaimed.
There’s Ruth, who talked proudly about her four kids as if they were movie stars and superheroes.

And Gerald, who recognizes my voice on the phone and acts like I am his favorite person on earth, but I know he must treat everyone this way and I love it!

There’s Nannie, (yes that’s her real name), who tried to explain how to make this special bean dish she makes only for her brother, who would be in town visiting for the holidays. She wants to make me cookies and get some of my famous banana bread.

These are all precious older people who have so much wisdom to offer if someone would take the time to talk to them and listen. I’m so glad I did!


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